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       Small Scale Olive Oil


  A new small scale olive oil press is now available. It is designed and manufactured by a long time main line builder of olive processing equipment. This beautiful little machine gives the smallest olive grower the means to produce Extra Virgin olive oil to rival the best of the commercial producers.

  This simple machine allows you to put in clean olives at one end and output oil at a spigot on the other end. The pulp exits through a separate chute so it can be collected for return to field. The elimination of multiple handling of olives and pulp greatly reduces the chances of causing off tastes in your oil.














All parts that come in contact with olives and oil are made of food grade stainless steel to prevent tainting of your oil and to facilitate complete sanitizing between batches. This makes machine ideal for cooperative use and for those interested in experimenting with olive varieties and degrees of ripeness as you learn to produce the best possible oil. Processing about 65 lbs. of olives each hour it is appropriate for the smaller growers and researchers.

It is about the size of a standard cook stove. Machine is just 32” X 59” X 68” and weighs 814 lbs. and runs on 220 volts. Because it is entirely self contained and mounted on casters it is readily moved around on solid surfaces and used wherever you have access to 220 volt outlets.

Priced at $25,865 this professional press is within reach of small growers and cooperatives. Two additional models belong to this series varying only in their higher  production rates. Those planning to make oil in fall 2007 need to order in June and July for machine delivery in September 2007.